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Achievements in Execution of Right

Would you like to maximize your Japanese patent right?

Nagoya International Patent Firm can help you maximize the value of your Japanese patents by offering our services for achieving success in patent licensing. The operation is simple. Your company just identifies your patents you wish to enforce, and we handle the whole procedure, from searching for potential licensees, negotiating with them, to establishing license agreements.

Key Features of Our Patent Enforcement Services

  • In general, if your license agreement is established, your company as a licenser will receive license fees, all at once or in installments, from your licensee.
  • You have an option to choose a "contingency fee system" in which you do not need to pay retainer fees. In the "contingency fee system", we do not charge you any attorney fees unless a licensing agreement is established (in other words, "no win no fee").
  • We propose a scheme to eliminate problems (e.g., unfavorable rumor) which might be caused by negotiating license agreements with your counterpart.
  • We will negotiate with companies with which you wish to establish a license agreement.

We have extensive experiences in IP litigations and license negotiations in Japan. For your reference, below are examples of licensing fees received by "Company A" which we have represented.


1 The figures are calculated using an exemplary exchange rate of USD 1 = JPY 100.

2 The above includes cases where a licensing agreement covers several patents. Although chance of success to establish a licensing agreement is quite slim, for example, one out of ten at most, the above table shows that we have achieved success in license negotiations.

For further details of our patent enforcement services, please feel free to contact us.

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home > About Us > Achievements in Execution of Right