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Tsutomu Adachi  Intellectual Property Is Not Something to Be Obtained for Mere Self-satisfaction, But Something to Maximize the Profit of Your Company

Educational/Professional Background
1970 Graduated from Tokyo University of Education (presently, University of Tsukuba), Majored Biochemistry
1971 Assigned to Patent Department at Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation (currently, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
1977 Registered as a patent and trademark attorney
1978 Established Adachi International Patent Firm on 2nd floor at his residence in Kasugai City in Aichi, Japan
1980 Moved office to Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Japan
2004 Qualified as an IP infringement litigator (Qualified as having passed the Specific Infringement Litigation Representation Examination under Article 15 bis of the Patent Attorneys Law in Japan)
2007 Assumed the post of President/Partner when the firm was incorporated under the name of Nagoya International Patent Firm
Main Field of Expertise
Well-experienced in litigation and negotiation practice (handled dozens of disputes up to now); familiar to licensing; excellent at enabling inventions with seemingly weak inventive step to be patented; knowledgeable about profit-making tactics based on intellectual property rights; specialized in chemistry, and also handled many cases in the fields of mechanical engineering and mechatronics during over 30 years of career as a patent and trademark attorney; represented clients in filing a total over 25,000 patent applications

Exceptionally Skilled in Specific Practices

To enable invention of marginal inventive step to be patented
To plan client's IP strategy
To enforce patent right to obtain compensation
To advise on tactics for making profits by utilizing intellectual property for company's management
To advise on tactics for preventing company's technology from leaking
To advise on tactics for developing invention at low cost
To handle cases regarding trademark and design in areas of textile and apparel

What Inspired Me to Become a Patent and Trademark Attorney

I was engaged in a patent-related work in a company, where employees were judged by educational background and seniority, and sociable persons tended to be promoted rather than persons with ability. Seeing many employees promoted based on factors other than ability, I felt that this was not where I should be, and that even if I was luckily promoted here, I would not be rich enough to own a Mercedes.
A work as a patent and trademark attorney requires knowledge of both technology and law, and to use wisdom and compete using one's brain. The work, I consider, is nothing to do with educational background, but is based on one's own ability like sports, and gives me challenging career and worthy outcome. So, with only one life to live, I decided to pursue career as a patent and trademark attorney, which is judged on one's own merit.

Challenging and Interesting Work

I am very passionate about being a patent and trademark attorney, especially when useful patent right is obtained and my client is able to earn great profits from patent royalties because of descriptions in Claims that I came up with after many hours of studying related documents, over and over, day and night.
Also, I feel fulfilled when I see that a small company comes to own their head office building soon after obtaining a patent right, or when I receive a reward for success and moreover a word "Thank you" from my client to whom I contributed in solving their troubles successfully.
I experienced being thanked by an individual inventor who I had supported apart from a profit-and-loss calculation, or being given credit for having argued the other party down in court procedure by only one written statement I prepared for my client. In this way, I proceed with my work, realizing it is challenging and interesting.


  1. Committee of JPAA (Japan Patent Attorneys Association)
    Belonged to Practice Policy Committee, Copyright Registration Committee, Evaluation Committee, etc. for many years, and continued to serve as chairman and vice-chairman
  2. Lectures
    Provided many lectures on ventures, trademark, relationship between intellectual property and company management, at the Chamber of Commerce, client companies, etc.
  3. International Conferences
    Frequently participated in international conferences of AIPPI and APAA
  4. Literary Work
    Presented a paper on "Patent Attorney and the duty of Confidentiality" in a magazine


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