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Hiroki ANDO  I strive to meet every expectation of our client with professional expertise in intellectual property!

Educational/Professional Background
1993 Graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electric Information Engineering
1993-1998 Worked for Toshiba Corporation
1998 Joined Adachi International Patent Firm (now Nagoya International Patent Firm)
2003 Registered as a patent and trademark attorney
Main Field of Expertise
Specialized in electrical and electronic engineering, control engineering and business method in patent practice, especially familiar to electric/electronic circuits, sensors, and software related technologies. Qualified information systems security administrator. Well-experienced in trademark for both domestic and international practices (including Madrid Protocol filings).

Practice in Patent and Trademark

  1. Preparation and prosecution of applications
    • I have abundant experience in handling patent applications, utility model applications, design applications and trademark applications including Madrid Protocol applications.
    • I have handled a great number of applications (design and trademark) by order of foreign clients.
    • I am extensively experienced in Examiner interview during prosecution of applications.
  2. Trials and interpretations
    • I am well-experienced in trials against final rejection of applications, trials for invalidation of patents and trademarks, trials for cancellation of registered trademarks, trials concerning trademarks by order of foreign clients, and suits against trial decision.
  3. Expert opinion
    • I am well-experienced in preparing expert opinions on inventions (ex. regarding whether or not to belong to a technical scope of a patent invention).
  4. Disputes
    • I have experiences in representing clients in patent/design infringement litigations and oral examination of witness in infringement litigations.

Performance in Practice

Handled drafting of many new patent filings by clients' request.
Overturned rejections in many cases through interview with Examiner by tenacious explanation of details and advantageous effects of the inventions.
Achieved settlement favorable to clients in infringement litigations.

Aim in Daily Practice

I used to design plant monitoring systems for a thermal power plant as a system engineer at an electric-appliance manufacturer. During this work, I was involved in filing patent applicaions as an inventor.
In current practice of patent application filings, I try to correctly understand inventions by making good use of my experience as an inventor, and do my best in order to obtain a broader scope of protection of rights.
With respect to new filings ordered by foreign clients, I try to make detailed explanation and appropriate proposals, considering differences in law systems between the clients' countries and Japan, so that procedures in Japan can be properly carried on.

Attendance to International Conferences

  • FICPI (in Yokohama) in December 2008
  • INTA (in Seattle) in May 2009


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