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Hironobu ETO  With every project I undertake, I try to personalize the work to better suit the clients needs

Educational/Professional Background
1997 Graduated from Nagoya University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electronic Informatics
1997 to 2001 Worked for NEC Software Chubu, Ltd.
2001 Joined Adachi International Patent Firm (now Nagoya International Patent Firm)
2007 Registered as a patent and trademark attorney
2015 Qualified as an IP infringement litigator (Qualified as having passed the Specific Infringement Litigation Representation Examination under Article 15 bis of the Patent Attorneys Law in Japan)
Main Field of Expertise
Specialized in electrical and electronic engineering and software in patent practice, especially familiar with hardware and software for information telecommunication apparatus and information system. Class I Information technology engineer. Qualified network specialist (qualified network systems engineer)

My first focus is results in an increased chance of obtaining a patent

I work at our Tokyo Office in the close vicinity of the JPO. Taking advantage of this location, I frequently have examiner interviews, for example, more than three cases a week, which allowed me to gain abundant experience in examiner interviews. This is my great advantage since I, consequently, became very acquainted with current situations about Japanese examinations and gained up-to-date information on examination practice in the JPO. I am capable of providing appropriate advice to clients concerning amendments for arguing inventive step and correcting description deficiencies. I am good at obtaining beneficial information from examiners about placing applications in a patentable state. Consult with me if a Notice of Reason(s) for Rejection from the JPO is issued in applications which you desire to be patented anyhow. I will be a great help to you.

My second focus is to allow you to successfully obtain a strong evidence of infringement of your Japanese patents

Contact me if you (or your client) own Japanese patents concerning computer systems and network systems. I am highly skilled in collecting evidences of patent infringement of computer systems and network systems. In fact, I continuously receive requests to collect evidence of infringement in Japan from a company of a globally well-known financial group. Thus, if you (or your client) own Japanese patents concerning computer systems and network systems, I can be of great help to you, and may be able to obtain evidence of infringement of your Japanese patents in Japan which is not easily available within your country.

My third focus is to allow you to get useful evidence for invalidating patents of your competitors

As you know, technical standards for home appliance and other electric products are high in Japan and a great number of patent applications concerning electric products have been filed. If your business is involved in electric products, it is reasonable that you search for technical materials, obtainable in Japan, useful for invalidating patents of your competitors of your country. I have thorough knowledge of techniques of electric products. I will be able to find in an efficient manner technical materials useful for invalidating patent for electric products of your country among Japanese technical materials.

My fourth focus is to enable you to file productive patent applications

I am well-acquainted with the following techniques.

  • various types of computer systems (financial, physical distribution management, electronic ordering, billing, etc.)
  • various types of network systems (portable radio communication, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, contents broadcasting/distributing, etc.)
  • automobile electronics (sophisticated navigation system, automatic operating system, etc.)

If you consult with me about Japanese applications involving any of the above techniques, you will be able to provide productive components to your Japanese applications.

Message to my clients:

I make it a rule to "be very particular about clients' requests", even more particular than the clients. To be more precise, I try to think with great passion and propose to clients about "whether or not the invention can be developed even further", "how I can persuasively explain differences between the invention and prior art" and so on.


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