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Masahiro FUKUTA  I try my best to secure strong protection for inventors.

Educational/Professional Background
1986 Graduated from Kanazawa University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
1986 Worked for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
1995 Worked for a patent firm, thereafter joined Adachi International Patent Firm (now Nagoya International Patent Firm)
2011 Registered as patent and trademark attorney
Main Field of Expertise
Specialized in mechanical system, structural system, and control system for mechanical device


Based on my extensive and specialized experience in handling cases in the following technologies, I am confident in providing most appropriate and prompt services to my clients.

< Heat-exchanging equipment >

  1. vapor-compression refrigeration cycle, heat pump, absorption refrigerator, ejector cycle, supercritical refrigerator, and specific type of refrigerator such as pulse tube refrigerator
  2. heat exchanger (radiator, condenser, evaporator, heat sink for supercritical refrigerator, oil cooler, EGR cooler, heat exchanger for water heater, heat exchanger for hybrid vehicle, CPU cooler, etc.)
  3. compressor (of piston type, vane type, scroll type, rolling piston type, swash plate type, wobble type, variable displacement type, hybrid type, etc.)
  4. decompressor for refrigerator (mechanical expansion valve, electrical expansion valve. etc)
  5. vehicle air conditioner, display cooler and freezer, heating equipment for frozen/refrigerated item delivery vehicle

< Vehicle equipment >

  1. body structure of vehicle
  2. fuel injection device for gasoline engine (direct type, premised type) or diesel engine, and its control system
  3. burning appliance

< Manufacturing/Equipment and image forming apparatus >

  1. manufacturing method such as brazing, welding, press, resin molding (including die/mold tool) and manufacturing device using such method, and image forming apparatus


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