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Hirohiko TANAKA  Faithful representation and strong dedication to my clients

Educational/Professional Background
1996 Completed Tohoku University, School of Engineering, Mechanical and Electric Engineering, Master's course
1996 to 2002 Worked for Toyota Industries Corporation
2002 to 2004 Worked for Shiga International Patent Office
2004 to 2010 Worked for Olive International Patent Office
2009 Received Aichi Invention Award
2009 Received Incentive Award of Chairman of Patent Attorneys Association
2010 Registered as a patent and trademark attorney
2010 Joined Nagoya International Patent Firm
2014 Qualified as an IP infringement litigator (Qualified as having passed the Specific Infringement Litigation Representation Examination under Article 15 bis of the Patent Attorneys Law in Japan)
Main Field of Expertise
Specialized in machinery, control engineering, and optical equipment
Familiar with air-conditioning equipment, turbine, steam generator, gas turbine combined power generation, coral gasification combined power generation, solar battery, wind electricity, solid-oxide fuel cell, ultrasonic test equipment, printing equipment, industrial vehicle, marine equipment, port facility, air carrier and air craft, capsule endoscope, fluorescence endoscope, industrial endoscope, liquid-crystal projector, LED projector


  • Having more than a decade of experience in preparation and prosecution of patent applications
  • Skillfully handled cases especially in the field of next-generation power generation technology, such as gas turbine combined power generation, coral gasification combined power generation, and wind electricity
  • Having abundant experience in conducting in-person examiner interviews
  • Highly skilled in handling trial against examiner's decision of refusal

Prior Experience

In my previous job at the car manufacture, I engaged in research and development of compressors used in air-conditioner for vehicle. Through this experience, I have gained comprehensive and practical knowledge in material mechanics, fluid dynamics, and thermal dynamics, all of which are necessary to design vapor-compression air conditioners and compressors.

I have also acquainted with mechanical processing, molding, and press working which are essential knowledge to manufacture compressors. My knowledge has been further enhanced by the work, including knowledge of refrigeration cycle which is necessary to assess air-conditioners, knowledge of noise and vibration, knowledge of fracture mechanics which is necessary to assess durability, etc.

Having engaged in such development of compressors, I myself was involved in numerous Japanese and foreign patent filings as an inventor. These patent applications are now granted patents in Japan as well as foreign countries. The invention of one of these patents has been highly and effectively utilized and successfully contributed to development of the regional industry. As a result, I could receive the Incentive Award of Chairman of Patent Attorneys Association.


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