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Features of Our Firm

We aim at a "real" contribution by our sophisticated service level and comprehensive power to deal with a wide range of fields and affairs in intellectual property.

Our Collective Strength in Providing High-quality IP Services

Our Staff of over 80 Members

22 Patent and Trademark Attorneys,
Over 20 technical engineers,
U.S. patent attorney/lawyer,
Over 30 clerical support staff members,
Highly skilled translators (including translators with 1st level in Patent Translation Examination),
Chinese staff (including a Chinese Patent Agent Examination Passer)

Well-balanced Personnel from Highly-skilled to Young Enthusiastic People

  • Among our patent and trademark attorneys and technical engineers, over 30 members have more than 10 years of experience in IP fields.
  • Our design and trademark team includes a member having more than 25-year experience in IP fields.
  • Our clerical support staff, translators and draftspersons include a dedicated staff member with more than 10-year experience, respectively.
  • Our practical skills and know-how are passed on from our highly skilled staff to our younger staff through our original employee training programs and team projects.

Solid Management System

  • In order to achieve accurate deadline management, our firm holds a rigorous/solid double-check deadline management system by adopting analog management in addition to digital management.
  • We drew up our original information security management policy, and maintain advanced security policy by requiring all of our employees to comply with the policy from the time they join our firm, even after they retire (All of our employees are obligated to submit a secrecy declaration).
  • We keep a strong security system by forming two physically separated corporate LANs: "External LAN" connected to external networks, and "Internal LAN" not connected to external networks.
  • By having the "Internal LAN" not connected to the external networks, we can safely share confidential information in past cases we handled with use of our original full-text search system of our past cases. Also, various self-developed tools have been accomplished such as an automatic "Amendment Form" generation tool, a case management tool for each patent and trademark attorney/technical engineer.


Our Extensive Services

Broad-ranging Support on Patent

Our firm includes many patent professionals having expert knowledge in a variety of technical fields, including electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and biotechnology, so as to handle your patent matters in any technical field.

In order to meet our clients' needs at the highest level,

  • we are always ready to handle the highly advanced technology;
  • our services include assisting our clients with not only a large volume of application filings (having at least a capacity of handling more than 1,000 cases a year), but also a wide range of services in all phases of IP; and
  • we also provide one-stop service from discovery of an invention to an infringement suit.

Filing Design and Trademark Applications and more

Our IP professionals will support you with plotting design and trademark strategy in Japan, based on over 25 years of accumulated experience and successful achievements.

Your IP infringement cases/lawsuits will be in good hands.

We have a U.S. lawyer/patent attorney, and our Japanese patent and trademark attorneys are bilingual, fluent in English. Their working collaboration enables us to effectively handle international IP matters/agreements entrusted by foreign clients.
We are also skilled at handling problems on copyrights, such as cases involving unfair competition and disputes involving software related matters.
Our experience of representing our clients in trials is very extensive.

Search Service and Translation Service

Our specialized search team offers various search services, for example, a validity search for a potential intellectual property right prior to the filing, a prior art search to invalidate a target patent in view of a possible invalidation trial in future, a legal status search/monitoring search for monitoring status and prosecutions of a subject patent ("Watching Search").

Our translation team offers professional translation of various legal documents such as contract, from Japanese to English and vice versa. The translation is properly completed under supervision of Japanese attorney at law and Japanese patent and trademark attorneys.


Varied Experience and Successful Achievement

From large corporations to small business owners/individuals

The patent firm at the highest level in Japan

According to our analysis based on the information provided by Japan Patent Office, our patent prosecution services are at the highest level in Japan.
We are always ready to serve our clients with the highest level of service possible.

Our firm is highly esteemed for its collective strength in providing high-quality IP services, extensive services, and varied experience and successful achievement.
We invite you to take a closer look at our practice and services, and please contact us if you would like more information.

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