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Who We Are

The predecessor of NAGOYA INTERNATIONAL PATENT FIRM was founded in 1978 as a private office. Since then, our faithful service and untiring dedication have permitted us to enjoy the patronage of not only many domestic clients but also international clients. In January 2007, the firm was incorporated under the current name, NAGOYA INTERNATIONAL PATENT FIRM, in order to better serve our clients and meet the needs for a highly specialized and sophisticated professional service in the field of intellectual property.

To protect and promote effective utilization of valuable intellectual property of our clients, we are able to provide a wide scope of services from the preparation and prosecution of all types of patent and trademark applications, and representation in appeals and trials, to the peripheral practice related to intellectual property, like expert opinion (e.g. non-infringement or invalidity), contract negotiation (e.g., preparation/negotiation of license agreements, technology transfer agreements, non-disclosure or development agreements), portfolio management strategy, litigation and ADR.

We have a lot of staff members who studied abroad, received training abroad, and/or worked abroad. Our staff members are given opportunities to experience international business training, such as overseas business trip. Our firm has extensive experience in acquisition of IP rights and enforcement of IP rights via license negotiation or by initiating a lawsuit in Japan and in many other countries, at the request of our domestic clients.

Our firm, with staff members who have various international experiences as mentioned above, is offering IP services by providing beneficial and concrete proposals to international clients who aim at establishing a position of superiority in Japanese market, based on our extensive IP business experience in many countries including Japan.

The competence of our internationally-minded staff is as mentioned above. In order to better provide a wide range of services, the skills of our members are very diversified, including: patent and trademark attorneys, technical engineers, design & trademark specialists, translators, draftspersons, and clerical staff for domestic and foreign cases, a total now of nearly 90 people. The specialties of our engineers are well balanced covering the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, information engineering, chemistry/biotechnology, pharmacy, and physics. This allows us to provide our clients with sufficient service in a wide range of technical fields. Each one of us strives to improve our skills through internal and external (technical and legal) training programs on a daily basis so that we are always ready to fulfill the needs of our clients upon request.

On March 1, 2012, the current president, Takeya Okamoto, succeeded the first President. During the 40 years since the establishment of our predecessor private office, we have been fortunate to encounter a wide variety of challenges, all of which are now our precious assets and strength along with the trust we have been gifted by our clients. We continue our devotion as one team to serve you the best.


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