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Intellectual Property Related Legal Work/Litigation

We have the experience to protect your intellectual property.

  • We provide various support for problems such as infringement of your patent rights, how to properly respond to a warning letter, infringment of trademark rights, what measures to take if other companies have copied your product, and utilizing public domain aspects of a competitor's design
  • We can properly deal with intellectual property related disputes/agreements in Japan.
  • We have abundant experience in representing our clients in trials, such as invalidation trials, suits against trial decisions and infringement suits.
  • We can also provide various consultations concerning copyright of software or the like and unfair competition issues.

Advantage of using our firm to protect your intellectual property

We have a U.S. patent attorney. Our Japanese patent and trademark attorneys are bilingual, fluent in English.
Their effective collaboration enables us to handle international intellectual property related matters/agreements.

There may be a situation where a foreign client enforces IP rights against a Japanese company or other foreign company based on their Japanese intellectual property rights (patent, utility model, design, trademark, etc.), or where rights of a Japanese company or other foreign company are enforced against a foreign client, or where a foreign client has to enter into an agreement (such as a joint development agreement and a confidentiality agreement) with a Japanese company or other foreign company concerning their intellectual property. In such cases, it may become necessary to negotiate in English or create an agreement in English. With our U.S. attorney and Japanese patent and trademark attorneys proficient English skills, we are able to provide legal advice and negotiation service, create an agreement, deal with litigation/trial, and offer various translation service.

Also, there are cases in which a dispute concerning the intellectual property rights of the foreign client develops simultaneously in Japan and overseas. In such cases, we can properly represent the case in dispute in Japan, in cooperation with a foreign agent who represents the case overseas.

Therefore, if a dispute/agreement arises, our Japanese patent and trademark attorneys with their proficient English skills, and a U.S. patent attorney will work in collaboration to handle the dispute in order to provide the best-in-class service for you.

We have abundant experience in suits/trials.

Since the year of 2010 to 2015, we have represented clients in 13 suits against trial decision and 14 infringement suits (1) in Japan.

1 The total number of intellectual property related suits filed in Japan in a year is about 550 cases, and the total number of suits against trial decision is about 280 cases. Japan has 10,890 patent and trademark attorneys and 4,599 firms to which one or more patent and trademark attorneys belong as of the end of December, 2015.

Accordingly, in average, the number of the intellectual property related suits one firm handles in 8 years would be one case. The number of the suits against trial decision one firm handles is also one case in 16 years in average. In view of this, our firm, having handled multiple cases per year for both infringement suits and suits against trial decision is at the top level in Japan concerning the experience in intellectual property related suits.

We are also skilled at handling problems relating to software.

We have had experiences where a client has had their software copied without authorization, experiences where clients are asked for compensation due to bugs in outsourced software, and experiences where a client may wish to legally utilize part of their competitor's software. We have experience in properly dealing with such consultations in all these situations under Japanese law.

We provide various consultations for foreign clients concerning infringement of intellectual property rights and litigation. By utilizing our vast skill set, our firm can be invaluable in representation in issues such as invalidation trials, suits against trial decision, and infringement suits.


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