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Patents & Utility Models

We contribute to protection/utilization of your invention through registration of patents/utility models.

  • We have been providing top quality services to the requests of a wide variety of clients from large companies to small business owners/individuals. As a result, we currently have the capacity to provide application services of more than 1,000 cases a year. We also provide a one-stop service from discovery of an invention, to registration of a patent/utility model, and further on to an infringement suit.
  • We have about 40 members of patent attorneys (benrishi) and patent engineers (supporters of patent attorneys) in total, with backgrounds of electricity/electronics, information, machinery, chemistry, pharmacy and physics. We have well-balanced personnel, in each technical field, from skilled engineers with abundant career in practice (about 20 members having more than 10 years of career experience in intellectual property) to young engineers who have grown up with up-to-date technologies on a regular basis. With these members, we can meet a wide variety of needs of our clients.
  • With our highest level of service, we can propose suitable amendments/modifications which comply with Japanese practice upon receipt of an order for filing a patent/utility model application from our foreign clients.

Advantage of ordering a patent/utility model service to our firm

Enables you to file a patent/utility model application corresponding to highly advanced technologies

Many of our domestic clients are major manufacturers in the "Chubu area" - the central region of Japan - where our main office is located. We also have many foreign clients in a variety of places in the world, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. We frequently engage in filing of these clients' inventions relating to highly advanced technologies. We also have strong ties not only with development departments in companies, but also with basic research departments in companies and with universities.

For the purpose of fulfilling the needs of inventors working in various departments in companies/universities and having the most advanced technological knowledge, each one of us strives to improve our skills on a daily basis so that we acquire deeper knowledge of advanced mathematics and chemistry/physics required to work effectively with the inventors.

Our firm has experienced technical staffs having advanced education degrees in specialized fields to satisfy our clients’ needs. Our patent attorneys’ information including their specialized fields is available at Attorneys. We also have many technical engineers specialized in a wide range of technical fields. Their information is available at Personnel Composition.

In the pharmaceutical field, a single patent application can potentially have relatively greater importance or value than that in other fields. We have an experienced technical engineer with doctorate in pharmaceutical science. Our patent attorneys will handle pharmaceutical patent cases working in conjunction with this technical engineer. For this technical engineer’s information, please click here.

Excellent communication in English

Upon receipt of an order from a foreign client, our patent and trademark attorneys/patent engineers, in cooperation with translators, prepare quality documents for filing. We have patent and trademark attorneys/patent engineers with a good command of English and also have a U.S. Patent Attorney. As required, we first closely communicate in English with the foreign clients, and then take procedures based on our deep experience/knowledge concerning highly advanced technologies and examination at the Japan Patent Office. We basically communicate with the client via facsimile and email. However, in case of emergency or upon request from the clients, our staff members that are fluent in English can directly contact the clients by telephone. In this manner, we can provide our top quality service for the foreign clients while keeping an optimum communication state all the time.

Enables you to receive excellent services of preparing and prosecuting Japanese patent/utility model applications

Based on the hard work of our staff, we have been at the highest level in patent prosecution services in Japan

According to our analysis based on "Information relating to patent agencies" in Statistics/Data of Annual Report on patent-related administration published by the Japan Patent Office (JPO) in 2006 and 2007, many aspects of our patent prosecution services exceed given quality standards set by the JPO, resulting in being at the highest level among many Japanese patent firms.

On the JPO website, various information is provided under the title "Current situation and problems of industrial property right" (Japanese only). Under the title, there is an article "(9) Information relating to patent agencies (2007)" (Japanese only) in "Chapter II. Major statistics" of Statistics/Data of Annual Report on patent-related administration, 2006 edition (Japanese only). In the article, the following items are given.

  • Names of patent agencies achieving a high rate of patent grants
  • Names of patent agencies achieving a low rejection rate due to description deficiencies
  • Names of patent agencies achieving a low rejection rate due to lack of novelty

We compiled all of the posted names of patent agencies in each item into a table, as shown below.

In the tables of 2006 edition and 2007 edition, our firm (listed under a private office, the predecessor of our firm, more precisely) is at the highest level among other Japanese patent agencies for several years in the total number of areas exceeding the JPO standards. We are honored with this result and willing to further improve our skills so as to be able to offer our clients even more high-quality services. In 2008, the JPO decided to cease ranking of firms.

We can help obtain money-making patents

Received a letter of appreciation from a major Japanese client

A major Japanese client of ours, filing more than 4,000 applications a year, has offered letters of appreciation to patent agencies handling their patents which earned royalties more than a predetermined amount in the corresponding year. Eleven patents have satisfied this condition, and we (a private office, the predecessor of our firm, more precisely) handled the largest number, i.e., five patents out of the eleven patents, among other patent agencies. Of course, the purpose of obtaining a patent is not merely earning royalties. A patent which can create a barrier to the entry of competitors into a market is highly valuable even if the patent does not earn royalties.

However, the fact that we can contribute to registration of patents that can produce royalties, can be used for at least one index to evaluate the quality of our service objectively. We are honored with this result and willing to further improve our skills so as to be able to contribute to registration of such patents.

Enables you to receive proposals for suitable amendment/modification which complies with the Japanese practice

Our service in preparing a Japanese application

Upon receipt of an order from our foreign client, our patent and trademark attorneys/patent engineers prepare an appropriate Japanese translation of the client's national or PCT application in cooperation with translators as an application document according to the instructions from the client and file the same with the JPO.

However, it is known that a mere Japanese translation of the client's national or PCT application is often rejected by the JPO Examiners on the ground of description deficiencies. The reason is attributed to the description requirements unique to Japan. We can propose suitable amendment/modification which makes the application effective as a patent and reduces the risk of receiving rejection based on description deficiencies from the JPO Examiners, based on our advanced knowledge/skills concerning the Japanese practice backed by our high-level performance in Japan, as previously explained.

Our service in prosecuting the Japanese application

Even if the Japanese application of the foreign client receives rejection based on noncompliance with patent requirements such as lack of novelty/inventive step and description deficiencies, we can propose the most suitable measures to be taken based on our excellent performance being at the highest level in patent prosecution services in Japan.
The proposed measures can include filing persuasive arguments, filing appropriate amendments, and/or conducting a suitable interview with the Examiner.

Necessity of your understanding of the characteristics of the Japanese practice

There are several points to be noted upon filing a national or PCT application, in order to avoid receiving a rejection based on lack of novelty/inventive step and description deficiencies in the corresponding Japanese application. If you give us orders, you will be regularly provided with beneficial information for avoiding such rejections based on noncompliance with the patent requirements unique to Japanese practice.

In case you wish to file an application with small budget

A patent application can be filed with ease through our original, web-based application filing service, called "Web application service".
For a client who prepares a Japanese application text on their own, we provide a form which enables anyone to file an application "reasonably", "quickly" and "easily" through the Internet.

At present, we only provide the form which corresponds to an ordinary Japanese patent application in Japanese without priority claim. Please be aware that this form does not correspond to an application under the Paris Convention or national entry form of a PCT application.

Other advantages we offer in patent/utility model application

We provide other patent related services such as searches of prior art documents, other than prosecution services of applications, for supporting our clients in every aspect.

We can handle various requests from our clients such as negotiation for enforcing patent rights and consultation concerning agreements or contracts, based on many experiences in agreement/negotiation concerning patent in and out of the court.

We can deal with rapidly evolving advanced technologies and provide high-level one-stop service from discovery of an invention, to registration of a patent/utility model, and further to an infringement suit. Feel free to contact us.


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