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Service Outline of Trademark

We contribute to your brand management by effectively protecting your trademarks

  • We support our clients in acquiring trademark right through know-how based on wide-ranging performance. Our trademark team including a member having more than 25-years experience in intellectual property fields, and the team overall provides trademark-related services based on broad experience and high-level knowledge.
  • Our patent and trademark attorneys and trademark staff have a good command of English that can support foreign clients' acquisition of trademark rights, and settle trademark-related disputes/agreements.
  • With an attorney at law in our firm, in addition to our patent and trademark attorneys, our firm can provide a reliable one-stop service from consultation prior to application to settlement of trials/suits and negotiation. We protect our clients' brands and support further development of the brands.

Advantages of utilizing our firm

Consultation of naming/logo in a trademark application

We make it a rule to recommend conducting a registered trademark search (trademark search) prior to filing a trademark application. This is because, under the Japanese trademark practice, if an earlier filed trademark is registered and a later filed trademark is identical or similar to the earlier registered trademark, the later filed trademark will be rejected in its examination because of the existence of the earlier registered trademark. In view of this Japanese trademark practice, based on the trademark search result, we can advise, by leveraging our past rich experience, what naming/logo (figure or sign) may be preferred to be adopted for use in the client's trademark application in order to increase a chance of trademark registration.

Contact us for conducting a trademark search. Costs of one trademark search are JPY 30,000 per class of goods/services.

To foreign clients who consult us about a trademark rejected during examination at the Japan Patent Office (JPO), we can properly communicate advice on what argument/countermeasures can be taken to remedy the rejected application, or what naming/logo (figure or sign) can increase a chance of trademark registration of a further application, referring to the examination results of the rejected trademark.

Proposal for designated goods/services

Upon filing a trademark application, it is necessary to specify the goods or services which actually bear the mark in the application form as designated goods/services. We can propose the indication of the designated goods/services most beneficial to increase the proprietary nature of the client's trademark registration in future, based on the client's desired goods/services obtained through our close consultation and the result of the trademark search.

We have vast experience in consultations concerning trademark registration for goods such as chemicals, fertilizers, cosmetics, drugs, textiles, clothing, toys, dolls, foods, building materials, machinery and appliances, furniture, etc., services such as retailing, and service marks for finance, transportation, education, dietary, welfare and so on, from the clients of wide-ranging business categories. We can propose designated goods/services most suitable for various types of business.

Addressing provisional refusal to international trademark registration based on Madrid Protocol (international registration filed by foreign applicant which designates Japan as a designated state)

We have been providing our foreign clients with top quality services in addressing provisional refusal based on our profound knowledge/experience concerning the Japanese trademark practice. If a foreign client sends us a copy of a notification of provisional refusal received from the International Bureau of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), we will explain the content of the notification and provide the client with our comments/proposals on how to deal with the refusal, together with our cost estimate. We will prepare and file an appropriate response with the JPO according to the agreed course of response. Feel free to contact us.

Dispute/Agreement relating to trademark

We have many years of experience/know-how in dealing with cancellation such as oppositions, invalidation trials and cancellation trials based on non-use, sale and purchase of trademark, licensing agreement, injunction at customs, among other issues. Thus, we can handle such cases in an appropriate manner.

Regarding sale and purchase of trademark and licensing negotiation by the order of a foreign client, we basically communicate with the foreign client via facsimile and email to expedite negotiations with the negotiating partner. According to your request and the situation, however, our patent and trademark attorneys and staff who are fluent in English can meet with you or make a telephone call to you directly. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our quick and precise action.

Procedures for joint application agreement which involves a plurality of companies, change of name, assignment can be properly handled based on legal determination by our attorney at law/patent and trademark attorneys and experience of our skilled staff.

Assignment of trademark

Consult us if you own a registered trademark currently not in use and consider assigning the right of the registered trademark to a third party. We, as a firm trusted by a number of clients, can make proposals concerning assignment of trademark to both you who no longer needs your registered trademark and the client who needs the registered trademark.

Our trademark team including a member having more than 25-years experience in intellectual property allows our firm to provide a reliable one-stop service for consultation prior to application to settlement of trials/suits and negotiation.


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