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Makoto IWATA  Always working closely with my clients

Educational/Professional Background
2000 Graduated from Kanazawa University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Functional Mechanical Engineering
2000 Worked for Shibuya Industry Corporation
2004 Joined a Private Office (now Nagoya International Patent Firm)
2006 Registered as patent and trademark attorney
Main Field of Expertise
Familiar with mechanical engineering, control engineering, mechatronics, automobile engineering (vehicle structure, engine control, vehicle fault diagnosis, ECU/microcomputer technology, vehicle network technology, car navigation, GPS, remote keyless entry system), image forming apparatus (printer), wireless communication technology, fluid technology; telecommunications licensed engineer


  1. Career
    In my former job, prepared invention proposals and checked patent claims and specifications for filing from the standpoint of inventors; more than 10 years of experience in IP field, starting from the experience as an inventor in the previous job; extensive experience in both Japanese and foreign IP related cases, particularly having rich experience in IP litigations involving foreign patents
  2. Patent
    Have numerous experience in assisting a wide variety of clients, ranging from individuals, small and medium-sized companies to large companies, for their preparation and prosecution of patent applications; particularly, well experienced in counseling and representation of individuals, and small and medium-sized companies; further, have extensive experience in providing consultation to small and medium-sized companies, and legal advice for their licensing activities
  3. Design and Trademark
    Handled preparation and prosecutions of many design and trademark applications which include both Japanese applications entrusted from foreign clients and foreign applications entrusted from Japanese clients
  4. Interview with Examiner
    Actively conduct interviews with examiners, thereby enhancing my value in conducting and getting value from the interviews
  5. Appeal
    Extensive experience of representing clients in many cases such as appeals against examiner's decision of rejection and invalidation trials
  6. Copyright and Unfair Competition Prevention Act
    Studying articles, judicial precedents, cases, etc. relating to Copyright Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, etc. on a daily basis, so as to update and enhance my knowledge on these Acts


  1. In university, I belonged to Fluid Dynamics Lab, and specialized in the study of bloodstream in artificial heart-lung machine. In this Lab, I studied wind power, flow around railway trains, hydraulic properties in oscillatory flow (focusing on the study of the Monju Nuclear Reactor Sodium Leak Accident in Japan), etc. My academic experience in this lab equipped me with solid and advanced knowledge of overall fluid engineering.
  2. After graduating from the university, I worked for a major plant machinery manufacturer, and designed, developed and researched a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus called "Ball Mounter" in a semiconductor division there. I conducted various tests, research and improved designs of latest pre-market device at that time. During the course of this research and development work, I was involved with many patent applications as an inventor. I also developed and marketed a compact test machine. From this work experience, I gained substantial knowledge on mechanical engineering devices in general. Also, my acquired knowledge of fluid engineering was further deepened through designing pneumatic system in mechanical devices.


Member of Intellectual Property Institution Promotion Committee (Japan Patent Attorneys Association(JPAA), Tokai branch)
(The Committee aims to enhance people's awareness of IP system in Japan and to encourage broad use of IP)
Lecturer at a design seminar
Lecturer at a patent seminar

Member of Industrial Competitiveness Promotion Committee (JPAA)
(The Committee aims to promote mutual intercommunication and collaboration with Trademark Association in China, and to study and analyze controls on imports at borders with regard to various countries around the world)

Member of Copyright Committee (JPAA)
(The Committee aims to study judicial precedents involving copyrights, license agreements, etc.)
Participated in AIPPI in Seoul
*AIPPI: International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property


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