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Shunichiro KOBAYAKAWA  I am strongly-motivated to contribute to my clients' greater benefits by offering best possible proposals for them.

Educational/Professional Background
2007 Graduated from Ritsumeikan University, Faculty of Law, Department of Law
2008 Worked for a patent firm in Tokyo
2008 Registered as a patent and trademark attorney
2010 Studied at Bellevue College, WA, USA
2011 Joined Nagoya International Patent Firm
Main Field of Expertise
Specialized in Japanese and foreign trademark and design matters
Particularly skilled in Japanese cases requested from foreign clients as well as foreign cases requested from Japanese clients where both fluent English language skills and extensive knowledge of IP are required.


  1. Preparation and prosecution
    • Design and trademark applications filed in Japan and foreign countries
    • Madrid Protocol trademark applications
  2. Appeal/Interpretation
    • Trial against Decision of Rejection
    • Invalidation Trial of Design
    • Invalidation Trial of Trademark
    • Cancellation Trial of Trademark
    • Suit for Canceling Trial Decision
  3. Expert Opinion
    • Expert Opinion relating to designs
    • Expert Opinion relating to trademarks
  4. Infringement case
    • Design infringement case
    • Trademark infringement case
  5. Negotiation
    • Drafting agreement
    • License negotiation

What take up this profession?

For most university students in Japan, job-hunting begins in their third year. This is also the case with my friends who are going to job interviews, uniformly in a business suit and tie. By seeing their appearances, I thought that their personalities seem to be concealed underneath.

One day, I was browsing at a bookstore and came across a book which fascinatingly explains a patent and trademark attorney's job. The patent and trademark attorney's job deals with a greater range of issues related to IP than I imagined, and I thought to myself, I can put my personality as well as acquired legal knowledge as a law student in this profession. I soon started studying to become a patent and trademark attorney.

After becoming a patent and trademark attorney, I have attended many international IP conferences and given presentations based on my gained knowledge and accumulated experience. Through these activities, I am able to offer my clients useful information and proposals in my own way, putting my personality into it.

I feel this profession is a "calling".


2009 Member of Intellectual Property System Research Committee (Tokai Branch)
2011 Member of International Activity Center of Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) (belong to the US division)

Member of INTA


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