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Kenshi TAKENAKA  I endeavor to draw the full appeal of invention with exceptional patent drafting skills

Educational/Professional Background
1995 Graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Production System Engineering
1995 to 2000 Worked for Paloma Ltd. (first worked in the IP Department and then transferred to the Design Development Department)
2000 Joined Adachi International Patent Firm (now Nagoya International Patent Firm)
2003 Registered as a patent and trademark attorney
2005 Qualified as an IP infringement litigator (Qualified as having passed the Specific Infringement Litigation Representation Examination under Article 15 bis of the Patent Attorneys Law in Japan)
Main Field of Expertise
Specialized in control engineering, software, information and telecommunication, mechanical engineering and business method in patent practice, especially familiar with information telecommunication apparatus like fax, printer, image processing, vehicle control, ITS, hair cosmetic tools, gas appliance and absorption refrigerator.
Extensive experience in design/development of absorption refrigerator and gas cooking stove, and knowledgeable of the related technology (latent heat transfer, heat transfer, fluid, vacuum, combustion, etc.)

Performance in Practice

  1. Preparation and prosecution of patent applications
    • More than ten years of career in the field of intellectual property
    • Repeatedly receives requests from clients to represent them in filing new patent applications as a result of my performance in their past cases
    • Trainer for entry-level staff engineers, and patent and trademark attorneys
    • Abundant experience in examiner interviews with the JPO
    • Well-experienced in taking procedures to enjoy the benefit of the exception to loss of novelty
  2. Patent infringement litigations
    • Combined experience in representing clients from both plaintiffs' side and defendants' side
    • Registered as a patent and trademark attorney and a qualified IP infringement litigator admitted to practice intellectual property infringement litigations
  3. Invalidation trial of patent
    • Strong experience in representing clients from both plaintiffs' side and defendant's side in documentary proceeding and oral proceeding
  4. Disputes
    • Abundant experience in preparation of warning letters and replies concerning patent infringement, compensation claims, etc.
    • Rich experience in license negotiation
    • Skilled in creation of relevant expert opinions
  5. Practices by request of foreign clients
    Extensively experienced preparation and forwarding of warning letters, handled trials for invalidation of patent, preparation and prosecution of trademark applications (including Madrid Protocol applications) by requests from foreign clients
  6. Well-experienced in suits against trial decision
  7. Well-experienced in trials against final rejection of applications

Specialized Services

  1. Preparation of patent applications
    I am highly skilled in drafting patent claims and specifications specifically taking into consideration of my clients' strategic goals in each case, so that my clients' position can be solidified both during examination and at the time of exercising the rights obtained.
  2. Prosecution of patent applications, invalidation trials, and infringement litigations
    I have full knowledge about inventive step which is a main factor for determining patentability of an invention, through a careful study of precedents. I will put my vast knowledge to construct effective argument, even under unfavorable conditions, in a situation of assessing inventive step such as during prosecution of patent applications, invalidation trials, patent infringement litigations, etc.

Specialized Technical Fields

I have abundant experience in preparing patent applications relating to image forming apparatus such as printers, facsimiles and others, especially familiar with image processing like color matching processing and half-tone processing.
I was engaged in work relating to intellectual property and design/development in a leading gas appliance manufacturer. I have deep technical understanding for the overall gas appliances such as gas cooking stoves and gas water heaters, especially absorption refrigerators (gas air conditioners), of which I have first-hand experience of design and development, and the related technology (latent heat transfer, heat transfer, fluid, vacuum, combustion, etc.).

Previous Career

I belonged to Intellectual Property Department and Design/Development Department in a leading gas appliance manufacturer. In the Intellectual Property Department, I was involved in preparation of a number of patent applications relating to overall gas appliances such as gas cooking stoves, gas water heaters, gas rice cookers, gas air conditioners, gas fryers, etc. In the Design/Development Department, I developed/designed absorption refrigerators (gas air conditioners) and gas cooking stoves and gained a practical experience as an inventor of patent applications. My time at this manufacturer has given me more in-depth knowledge and understanding of gas appliances and the related techniques (heat exchangers (fin tube type, etc.), burner combustion systems (all primary combustion burners, etc.), frame traps, combustion control, water temperature control, concentration control of lithium bromide-water solution and others).


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